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Extraction Is Our Action


Our General Purpose Nail Puller

Happiness Tool is developing a new pneumatic tool for rapidly removing nails.Nail Shark(TM)

Patent Pending!

  • Remove nails fully embedded in a board.
  • Pulls nails straight out with minimal impact to the board it is embedded in.
  • Operation takes just a second.
    • Put the Nail puller up to the nail head.
    • Line it up.
    • Pull the trigger
    • BANG!  the nail is out!

Currently we are building the prototype.  Soon these will be available for pulling your nails.

What makes this nail puller different from all the rest?

  • Really FAST !
    • No Hammering
    • No prying
    • No waiting
    • Pull all the nails out of a building. Recycle whole houses!

  • Kind to the boards!
    • Makes only small indents next to the nail head.
    • No big scars like the cat's paw leaves!
    • Really great for recycling and reusing building materials.

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To pre-register please email us your name, contact info and tell us about how you would use our nail puller!

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